How to Reframe Ambition for Women

When I moved to Prague, the Czech Republic, in September 2004, I started hearing something […]

Stop Feeding the Zombie. Maybe Your Company Has Reached Its Destiny

Recently I spoke to the global VP of a large multinational organization. She has been […]

What We Got Very, Very Wrong About Hybrid Work -And What We Need to Do to Fix It

As you may know, on February 1st we at VORNICA® launched the pilot edition of […]

Are We Sending Women to the Slaughterhouse When We Fan Their Ambitious to Grow Into Top Leadership?

Being a woman at the top of an organization whose ways of doing business and […]

10 Easy Ways To Be Generous In 2023

2022 tested our human resilience to the core. With so many people around in need […]

10 Strategic Consequences of the New EU Gender Balance Directive on Your Company – and Your Career

A week ago, on November 22, 2022, the European Parliament formally adopted the new EU […]

How Much Is Real Independence Worth to You?

This week at VORNICA® we launched our flagship online course PEARL – Present, Effective, Authentic […]

We Are Standing At a Massive Crossroad - The Case for Remote Leadership

THE CASE FOR REMOTE LEADERSHIP The Covid pandemic took a lot from us. It also […]

How Expensive Is FREE in Corporate Leadership Development

One of the greatest challenges I have ever faced since the beginning of my business […]

Toxic Visibility vs. Honest Visibility: Which One Is Yours?

I was recently talking to a client who felt stuck. In her late 40s, she […]
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