The women walking on Planet Vornica are called Vornicas.

A Vornica identifies with a handful of principles that guide our work, leadership, and lives.

It is our belief that by embodying these principles we can elevate ourselves, our families, our people, our organizations and our nations to our whole potential, so we can thrive together with dignity, love, and hope.


  1. A VORNICA IS IN LOVE WITH HER AND OTHER PEOPLE’S FULL PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND HUMAN POTENTIAL. A Vornica learns constantly and strives to be, do, and become better every day. A Vornica retains a healthy curiosity and faces challenges with humbleness and an open mind and heart.
  2. A VORNICA IS GENEROUS. While honoring her own health, time and resources, she puts herself selflessly to the service of others and the world through her strategic thinking and long term sustainable leadership.
  3. A VORNICA LOVES RESULTS. A Vornica knows that words and mindful communications matter. She also knows that only concrete, palpable results lead to a sustainable legacy.
  4. A VORNICA IS WILDLY CREATIVE AND RESOURCEFUL. A Vornica opens her mind and her heart over and over again through art, music, dance and other form of human elevation in order to explore and bring to the surface new visions of the possible. A Vornica is never ashamed or embarrassed of who she is. A Vornica knows that she is enough.
  5. A VORNICA IS WELL INFORMED. A Vornica honors facts, data and research and she anchors her opinions firmly in objective information and theories. She is well grounded and she contributes generously to the generation of new knowledge through research, feedback, input and support of a fact-driven approach to leadership and human development.
  6. A VORNICA IS HONEST, LOYAL, AND FAIR. MOST OF ALL, SHE IS COURAGEOUS. A Vornica speaks up and acts with integrity even when it hurts. Thus she leads the way for others and transforms our region with her vision and personal role modeling.
  7. A VORNICA IS THRILLED ABOUT NEW EXCITING POSSIBILITIES FOR HERSELF, HER FAMILY, HER PEOPLE, ORGANIZATION, COUNTRY, AND OUR REGION. A Vornica is a grounded visionary who pushes the boundaries of the possible with her eclectic, enthusiastic, people and life-loving approach.
  8. A VORNICA IS ALL ABOUT BOLD ACTION AT THE RIGHT TIME. A Vornica knows when to act and when to rest, when to speak up and when to hold the space for the new to emerge. A Vornica doesn’t hold back; she speaks her truth with integrity and she acts on her truth with courage and hope.
  9. A VORNICA IS A TRUE HUMAN GARDENER. By focusing on big problems and strategic priorities to be addressed by people, teams and organizations, a Vornica transforms the world of business and leadership for the better. A Vornica is the living embodiment of a new breed of leader who is able to marry purpose and profits, to serve in complex ecosystems, and to succeed wildly while developing a solid business and human legacy.



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